Who we are

“Self belief and hard work will
alway earn you success.”

Valadis Konstantinou
Operations Manager

Great things never come
from comfort zones”

Thanasis Mihalopoulos
Crew Manager


`Taxi Poseidonas S.A. is a company primarily providing taxi and transportation services using vans and minibuses, headquartered at Olympic Marine. Our main operational area includes transportation to and from the marina and the broader Lavreotiki region.

Founded in 2019 by Konstantinos Valandis and Thanasis Michalopoulos, our main goal has been to successfully serve Lavrio’s passenger community. We have continued to achieve this goal through 2021, even during the pandemic when we relocated our offices to Olympic Marine S.A.

Olympic Marine is a rapidly growing marina in Greece with a current capacity of approximately 700 vessels and potential for further expansion. It also hosts international events, such as the Aegean600 regatta and the annual Boat Show, gaining recognition in both national and international media. Olympic Marine publishes an annual magazine and has recently resumed boat production, including the O60.



Our company is divided into two departments: one managing our human resources and the other focused on organization and development. Thanasis manages fleet and work distribution, while Valandis oversees organization and development.

Our company’s purpose is to provide high-level services, primarily meeting the marina’s needs and expanding across the region. Over the years, we’ve maintained strong partnerships with local businesses like NIKOLAKAKIS ROOMS, BALOPOULOS SHIPPING, KAE LAVRIO, and various charter companies in the yachting industry, including HDM, Olympic Yachting, and Sea Star Sailing.

Auto Laurus S.A. recently established the tourist agency “TRAVEL U” and acquired a 9-seat vehicle to accommodate our growing demands.

Leveraging the dedication of our collaborators, whether taxi or van drivers, or employees, we are rapidly expanding our company and diversifying our portfolio, always with a vision and prudence.

Valandis & Thanasis